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Houston Chronicle. Beryl has come and gone. What does the future look like for Houston and flooding?

Arizona Daily Sun. NAU professor part of finalist team for NASA Earth System Explorers Program.

The NAU Review. New NASA mission to map Earth’s surface in 3D moves one step closer.

NPR KJZZ. How scientists are using a space laser to make predictions about wildfire severity.



NSF NEON Observatory Blog. Monitoring Biodiversity on a Global Scale.

NBC 12 News. NAU is using lasers to assess the health of Arizona's forests.

The NAU Review. Measuring biodiversity across the U.S.—with space lasers Measuring biodiversity across the US with space-borne lidar


NSF NEON Observatory Blog. Meet the First Cohort of the NEON Ambassador Program

NAU Ecoinformatics News. NEON data to explore relationships between biodiversity, forest structure, and climate

GEODE News. Interrelationships Between Plant Biodiversity, Forest Structure, and Climate

NSF NEON Science Blog. Exploring Interrelationships Between Plant Biodiversity, Forest Structure, and Climate



Planetizen. The Social Dynamics of Houston's Urban Expansion

Urban Edge. The rapid urbanization of Houston: how it happened and why it matters



Houston Public Media News. New Growth Mapping Tool Meant to Help Houston Better Prepare for Flooding

ABC News: KHOU 11. Rice University researchers use satellite images to track Houston’s growth, flooding risk

Rice University News. Tracking Houston’s growth from space: A new tool to fight flooding

Futurity. How will 20 years of Houston’s growth affect flooding


Kinder Urban Edge. Watch Two Decades of Growth in Houston


UNC E3P News. Chris Hakkenberg awarded prestigious NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship



UNC E3P News. Student Summer Research in a Himalayan Forest, China

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